Feedback and Comments

These are some of the things that parents, carers and visitors have said to us.

"Thank you Oaklands Park. Since coming to you he is a different child ................ really happy now" 

"D..... is really happy to come to school. We wish we'd found this school at an earlier date!" 

"I am always welcomed and made to feel that I am valued with both school and residence."

"School and residence are always open and honest. I have no problems discussing any issues with all staff members" (Claire, Social Worker)

"At reception I was greeted appropriately, directed to the meetings room. Staff at the meeting provided all relevant information. Very good visit." (IRO).

"As always positive to have everyone at the meeting to discuss my child’s needs" (Parent)

"My son is always clean and well presented. I feel confident that his needs are being met. His improvement in behaviour is thanks to the care staff. The facilities are excellent, all rooms are decorated to a high standard. He has a wide choice of activities and is kept busy" (Parent, Residence).

"Communication has always been excellent. We are always given a full report of what my son has been doing and we cannot fault the care staff." (Parent)

"Staff are well trained and have a good working knowledge especially when it comes to my child’s complex needs." (Parent)

"I feel involved in the running of the school. We try as a family to support the school in as many activities/open days as we can. Events such as the Easter Egg Hunt allowed Z to play with his brother, something which rarely happens." (Parent).

"We would like to thank each and every one of you that has helped P on his journey. For each and every time that he needed extra help, for every time that you made him smile. As a family we have seen P improve so much and we will always remember how kind you have all been. You have all made a big difference." (Parent)

"We credit the care staff to turning Z’s behaviour around in a way that we would not have thought possible. Within a week he was a different child, a happy and settled boy. Four years on he is a delightful teenager, happy and settled for the majority of the time."(Parent).

"I recently took my son to the local GP in Dawlish. He has been seeing children from Oaklands for over 20 years. The first thing he said was ‘when the care staff are concerned, I am concerned because they are very good at what they do’"  (Parent)

"We can honestly say that requesting a place at Oaklands Park is the best thing we have done for our son and us as a family."(Parent)

"On behalf of the governors I would like to thank the staff for their immense dedication to the pupils and the care that you show for them."(Governor)

"My time at Oaklands is drawing to a close and I wanted to thank you all for your support and hospitality. With your skills and collective warmth it has been an absolute pleasure working with you all and getting to know the pupils." (Gillian)

"I always enjoy coming on a visit to Oaklands. The staff are always so helpful and welcoming. The staff are relaxed despite the busy times. Files and information is informative for my assessments."(Lead Nurse LAC).

"I am really happy with the service that has been provided for my son, every day of the last four years. Oaklands have done all they can to help his development, socially mentally and emotionally." (Parent)

"My son has made excellent progress and I feel that the school is outstanding in many ways."(Parent).


Sports Day 2017

... so what was the best thing about your visit today?

"Seeing the children enjoying themselves - Grandad said 'the food!'"

 "The friendliness of the staff - the children are all very happy and relaxed"

"Seeing my daughter having fun"

"Watching the sports and the children enjoying themselves - nobody was left out"

"It was such a happy relaxing atmosphere"

"Seeing my child interacting with his school friends"

"It was good to see most of the children joining in and really trying"

"How friendly everyone is and helpful, and how happy the children are.  We loved watching all the children having a wonderful time"

"All the children were included"

"It was nice to see all the kids happy and having a good time and they never leave anyone out"