Orange and Green Class

Orange and Green classes cater for children in KS3. The students follow the KS3 curriculum which is presently taken from the Equals schemes of work, the National Curriculum and QCA documents. There are presently 15 boys and 3 girls, 2 teachers and 6 teaching assistances supporting the students across the two classes. Each morning the students are ability grouped for maths and English but re-join their registration class for afternoon lessons. 

Orange and Green classes cover a lot of interesting topics including plant reproduction and the process of photosynthesis, poetry, non- fiction writing and geometry. 

The students access regular speech and language sessions where they learn how to communicate appropriately and effectively through a variety of interactive lessons which focus on the social use of language. Developing independence and life skills is fundamental to the schools ethos and students are encouraged to develop these skills throughout the day. 

Often they have the opportunity to access learning off site and are presently attending Forest School where they cover aspects of Science, D&T and Geography. Later this year they will be attending a farm where they will reinforce learning done in the classroom.

Lighting fires at Forest School    



Den Building