School Council

The School Council is made up of representatives from each class within our school. It is an opportunity to meet on a regular basis to discuss ideas and sort out problems. The members of the School Council represent the views of their class mates; these views are used to help make our school a safe and happy place to be.

Our school is a place where pupils feel ‘listened to’ and ‘understood’. They have a ‘voice’ which makes them feel valued. The School Council meetings are an opportunity to help change what happens within our school in order for everyone to grow and succeed.

The School Council is also part of the SENtient Trust Student Council.  In February 2017 two members of our council represented the school at a Sentient Trust Event in Tiverton. We were able to showcase our school by making a short film and discussing what makes a ‘good day’, what makes a ‘bad day’ and what would make a ‘better day’. 


Being part of the SENtient Trust signifies that we are part of a Co-operative Trust that includes the eleven special schools in Devon.