The Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium – PE Grant and Catch up Funding

What is Pupil Premium?

PP is a sum of money paid to schools to enhance the education and attainment of disadvantaged children who have free school meals, are Children in Care or children of those members of society in the armed forces.

However, here at Oaklands we believe that all of our children are disadvantaged and as such the money is used to enrich the education of all children where possible.

We have 51 students on role of which 19 have Pupil Premium funding.

PE Grant

The PE grant is a fund paid to the school to improve physical health and wellbeing for all children. The funding has been spent on new resources, Bikeability, football coaching by Torquay United and increasing oppertunities for involvment in competitive sport.

£8,042 of funding has been recived this year of which £4,057 has been spent to date (February 2017). The attched document details the schools programme of sport and spend for this year. 

New sporting activities will be introduced throughout the year.

How do we know what difference this makes to our students?

Pupil Premium is used to:

  • Develop communication
  • Promote social and emotional wellbeing,
  • Raise standards and understanding in literacy and numeracy.
  • Promote physical wellbeing and development.

We have a variety of different interventions here at school, ranging from one to one support, communication intervention, maths intervention and bespoke programmes to support literacy and numeracy in the classroom.

We regularly monitor the impact on outcomes through teacher meetings, leading learning meetings and moderation sessions.

Summary of Spending and actions taken 2015-16 academic year.


1.Named intervention worker appointed to support the Speech and Language Therapists; allocated by need to support individual children in their communication skills development. Target outcome – promote engagement in their learning through whole school communication.

2. Literacy resources.

3. Numeracy resources.


Oaklands Park School has received £19,663 for the Pupil Premium this financial year.

The pupil premium is available for:

  • children in care
  • children entitled to receive free school meals
  • children who come from families who are in the services

We use the money to boost standards of teaching and learning.

Julie Gibbons,  our English Coordinator, has been leading a project aimed at boosting the literacy skills (particularly writing) of some pupils. This programme has been funded through the Pupil Premium. Here are two examples of what pupils have achieved in those extra lessons:


Pupil Premium website statement 2016.17.pdf

Oaklands PE funding 2016-17.pdf

Ratcliffe and Oaklands Primary PE Funding Plan 2017-18.pdf



We have also used the money to provide additional teaching time. This means that our class groups are smaller than they might otherwise be. As a result, teachers have an even better chance of working really closely with individuals and small groups. Everyone has a great opportunity to achieve even more.

The evidence we have tells us that learners who are entitled to receive the Pupil Premium make as much progress and achieve as well as other learners.

We have paid into the Babcock Library service to provide books and other resources which are suitable for the reading abilities of our pupils. We have also upgraded the library facility at school to make this more user friendly for our pupils and to encourage them to make more use of this facility.